What is an act of sunlight

We believe in the power of taking action

Whether it’s viewing and sharing with friends an inspiring film, boosting the self-esteem of young women, making a donation to a food bank, we think that every single action can make a real difference.

We invite you to make your contribution by exploring our website, see the possibilities and take action on the projects that inspire you.


Mustard seeds

Helping British Farmers for nearly 200 Years

When you choose Unilever, you help create a bright future. Eating responsibly sourced products, like Colman’s mustard, means preserving hundreds of years of farming heritage…

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Women drinking tea

Small cup Big Difference

If you’re a tea drinker, like 88% of the population, you enjoy one of the 165 million cups of tea brewed each day in Britain. All this tea we drink translates into 370,000 tonnes of waste per year, which is about 14kg of waste per household. With small actions, we can help reduce this.

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Cracking eggs

Cracking Good Eggs For a Happy Planet

Quality food isn’t just about great taste, it’s about feeling good about what we’re putting into our bodies and where the ingredients have come from. Through small, everyday choices, each and every one of us can help to build a bright future.

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unilever pumpkins halloween

Turn your carvings into cravings this Halloween

What's scarier than witches, ghosts and ghouls at Halloween? How about the haunting 18,000 tonnes of edible pumpkin that ends up in the bin each year? That's the same weight as 1,500 double decker buses!

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17 Global Goals

Global goals for a #brightfuture

Our world is more connected than ever before, but we are facing some major obstacles that need to be overcome. By coming together and supporting the UN’s 17 Global Goals, we have the power to create a bright future.

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compressed deo

Improving our packaging for a better world

Improving the long-term health of our planet is a job that requires unity between, not only people, but organisations. Sharing knowledge and adopting groundbreaking new technologies is key to moving forward.

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Persil small pack

Small Pack Big Difference

Often, the answers to the big problems that face us in this world come in simple – or concentrated – solutions. This one could save 33 million litres of water and uses 40% less packaging – adding up to the equivalent of about 262 million shopping bags.

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A close up shot of a muffin

Be Inspired, Love your Leftovers

The Food Waste report finds that the households in UK are chucking out 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink every year that could have been consumed.

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Broadly Unilever

Voicing the Issues Women Care About

Based on current trends, research suggests that it could be 118 years (or near year 2133) before women have the same rights and opportunities as men. In partnership with Vice and Broadly, Unilever is helping to bring the issues and experiences faced by women today out in the open, supporting a platform that will raise awareness and inspire change for women, worldwide.

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The chunkinator

THE CHUNKINATOR: Turning ice cream into energy

Ben & Jerry’s pride themselves on making the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way, and in the small Dutch town of Hellendoorn, The Chunkinator is helping them to do just that.

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BJ save our swirled

Help Save Our Swirled From the Threat of Climate Change

Climate change is a matter of social and economic justice, with the impacts of it often hitting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. It’s even being felt right here in the UK.

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Sunlit shot of someone holds a bunch of green helium balloons

Love your heart and start your cholesterol lowering journey today!

As we get older we can feel like we’re more in control of our lives – from our careers to our clothes – but we all too often forget about our health, and the simple changes that can help us stay in control for longer. A healthy heart does more than just keep you alive; it keeps you active, energetic and in love with life. Taking control of your cholesterol is the first step towards taking care of your heart.

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Close up shot of children smiling into the camera

Share a smile help a child

To mark the ‘Share a Smile, Help a Child’ campaign in the UK, Wall’s has brought the iconic 80s ice cream, Funny Feet, back to supermarket shelves.

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Lady pouring One Rinse into a bowl for clothes washing

Save water with One Rinse

If taking a hot shower is more about waking up than washing, it can be easy to forget that one in nine people still lack a steady supply of clean water. That’s over 700 million people worldwide.

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Children playing in the mud

Give children the freedom to explore and learn

For children everywhere, life experience is an essential part of setting them up for the future and making them more resilient. The only way to learn through experience is to get active and involved, without worrying about the dirt or mess. Getting stuck in helps kids build the confidence to take on whatever life throws at them.

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Bowl of soup

From Seed to Soup: The Source of Great Taste

Every parent wants their family to enjoy mouth-watering meals made from healthy, natural ingredients, but getting the balance between simple and nutritious can be tricky.

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Close up shot of a sack of coffee beans

From bean to bite

A bite of chocolate can be just the thing we need to help us unwind at the end of a long day. But for 6 million cocoa farmers around the world, chocolate isn’t a passing craving – is a vital crop that supports an estimated 40 to 50 million people in developing countries.

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World toilet day

Destroy Germs Protect Children

Sanitation is a basic human right, so it’s hard to imagine that a staggering one third of the world’s population does not have access to improved sanitation. Domestos, is working to change this, in support of the UN’s 17 Global Goals.

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Two ladies picking tea in the fields

Supporting Tea Growers for Generations to come

With millions of families depending on the tea industry for their futures, it’s vital we continue to support the world’s tea farmers. Learn how a small cup can make a big difference.

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Myriam Sidibe

The simple power of handwashing

Every child should celebrate their fifth birthday, but every day thousands of young children and babies die from preventable diseases. We have the power to help save 600,000 kids every year, and one inspirational New Leader is showing us how.

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Help a Child Reach Five

Help a Child Reach Five on Global Handwashing Day

Remember how scary your first day of school was? How about the look on your child’s face on their first day? They’re probably some of your most cherished memories. Sadly for 2 million children and their families, these are memories that will never be made, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

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World food day

Knorr Provides #1MillionMeals With the World Food Programme

Raise awareness by pledging your support for zero hunger.

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Kids Today Project

Kids Today Project

Do you wish you had made less mess as a child? Jumped in fewer puddles, not licked the cake bowl, or gotten less muddy? Probably not. No one ever wishes they'd made less mess as a child, yet when it comes to our own children we can forget just how important – and fun – making a mess is.

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