What is an act of sunlight


Whether it’s viewing and sharing with friends an inspiring film, boosting the self-esteem of young women, making a donation to a food bank, we think that every single action can make a real difference.

We invite you to make your contribution by exploring our website, see the possibilities and take action on the projects that inspire you.

Planting day

For the Love of Trees Supporting London’s Urban Forests

Did you know that, if you call London home, you live in one of the greenest cities on Earth? The English Capital is home to over 8.1 million trees – that’s one for every person who lives there!

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Farewell to the Forest


Climate change is real and it’s happening now. Scientists have warned that if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, we will pass the threshold of 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. The damage resulting could be catastrophic and irreversible, affecting us all. This year’s climate summit in Paris could be the answer to a global agreement for how to tackle climate change – but we must all take action to ensure this happens!

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One Minute Walked

Bringing The Rainforest to London To Inspire Generations

Climate change can feel like something that’s happening a very long way away. Especially when you live in London. But in reality, climate change affects us all, wherever we are. One of the main causes? Deforestation.

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Five reasons why we should care about trees

Across the world’s forests, an area of trees the size of 36 football pitches is lost with every minute that passes. This has to stop. From the air we breathe to the paper we write on, a bright future depends on our forests. Here are five reasons why we need to care about trees, now more than ever!

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Unilever Upworthy Thermostat


How long would you bear the discomfort of a hot office before speaking up? If the thermostat was broken, would you take action straight away or would you wait until everyone else was suffering under the heat? With one simple social experiment, Unilever and Upworthy put office temps to the test to shine a light on climate change.

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BJ save our swirled

Help Save Our Swirled From the Threat of Climate Change

Climate change is a matter of social and economic justice, with the impacts of it often hitting the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. It’s even being felt right here in the UK.

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The chunkinator

THE CHUNKINATOR: Turning ice cream into energy

Ben & Jerry’s pride themselves on making the best possible ice cream in the nicest possible way, and in the small Dutch town of Hellendoorn, The Chunkinator is helping them to do just that.

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Lady pouring One Rinse into a bowl for clothes washing

Save water with One Rinse

If taking a hot shower is more about waking up than washing, it can be easy to forget that one in nine people still lack a steady supply of clean water. That’s over 700 million people worldwide.

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Close up shot of a sack of coffee beans

From bean to bite

A bite of chocolate can be just the thing we need to help us unwind at the end of a long day. But for 6 million cocoa farmers around the world, chocolate isn’t a passing craving – is a vital crop that supports an estimated 40 to 50 million people in developing countries.

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Bowl of soup

From Seed to Soup: The Source of Great Taste

Every parent wants their family to enjoy mouth-watering meals made from healthy, natural ingredients, but getting the balance between simple and nutritious can be tricky.

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Two ladies picking tea in the fields

Supporting Tea Growers for Generations to come

With millions of families depending on the tea industry for their futures, it’s vital we continue to support the world’s tea farmers. Learn how a small cup can make a big difference.

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Farewell to the Forest

We’re not ready to say farewell to our forests

In a city, trees and green spaces provide much needed peace and tranquillity from the hustle and bustle of work life and traffic. On warm summer days, we flock to green spaces and appreciate every second spent in the cooling shade of our trees, as our children play on the grass. In the city, we wouldn’t dream of cutting down a healthy tree, so why is this different in our rainforests?

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Persil small pack

Small Pack Big Difference

Often, the answers to the big problems that face us in this world come in simple – or concentrated – solutions. This one could save 33 million litres of water and uses 40% less packaging – adding up to the equivalent of about 262 million shopping bags.

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Hellmann's eggs

Cracking Good Eggs For a Happy Planet

Quality food isn’t just about great taste, it’s about feeling good about what we’re putting into our bodies and where the ingredients have come from. By making sustainable choices, each and every one of us can help to build a bright future.

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Brightfuture ambassador Kate Humble


Trees are one of the most important natural defences in the fight against climate change, yet many of us have lost touch with the great outdoors. Kate Humble hopes Unilever’s #ForTheLoveOfTrees campaign will change this.

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17 Global Goals


Our world is more connected than ever before, but we are facing some major obstacles that need to be overcome. By coming together and supporting the UN’s 17 Global Goals, we have the power to create a bright future.

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Global citizen festival


The Global Citizen Festival united 60,000 festival-goers for a day of celebration and kick-started the UN’s Global Goals – 17 goals that we must all work towards over the next 15 years to help create a bright future.

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Global Citizen Unilever


These 17 Global Goals for sustainable development could be the key that will unlock a united community and ensure global leaders will be able to help create a bright future for all of us.

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Palm Oil

Sustainable palm oil can benefit everyone

You might not know it, but you probably don’t go a day without using palm oil. From shampoo to ice cream, half the items on our supermarket shelves contain palm oil – we cook with it, clean with it and even put it on our skin. The good news? Unilever has changed the way it sources palm oil so that everyone can reap the benefits. We now source 100% of our palm oil sustainably and by 2020 all of our palm oil will be from certified, traceable sources.

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Climate action

We can take action and make history

It’s hard to believe that our actions could affect billions of people, but when it comes to climate change, our decisions matter to everyone around the UK and globe – from the food we eat to the information we share.

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compressed deo

Smaller Cans For a Better Future

They say good things come in small packages. In the fight against climate change, this is proving to be the case! Compressing our deodorant packaging has already saved 16,600 tonnes of CO2 from entering our atmosphere, but it’s a fight that we cannot face alone. It requires people and organisations to unite and take action.

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Rainforest dawn WWF

Protecting Our Forests Protecting Our Future

Protecting the world’s forests is a key priority in the fight against climate change. Deforestation is causing harmful greenhouse gas emissions being released into the Earth’s atmosphere but it’s not too late to take action.

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What is climate change

What is climate change? How can we take action?

Climate change is real and it’s happening now. Most of us know that the earth is getting hotter, but do we really understand its causes or its impact? Read our introduction to climate change and join us as we take climate action to build a brighter future.

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Deforestation forest and food

Forests and Food Are on the Front Line of the Battle Against Climate Change

This post was written by Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, as part of a series produced by The Huffington Post, recognising the threats posed by Climate Change.

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Climate change

Climate change is in our hands

We can all make a difference - whether we're running a business or a household. See how changing your habits could change the world.

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Changing habits, changing the world

Changing habits changing the world

Climate change is already affecting the earth but we can help slow it down by taking action – small actions – that reduce carbon emissions and build a better planet.

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