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James Allred

The food fight

that everyone gets

James Allred took the “What did you have for lunch at school?” question from the daily drive home with his son in England, to thousands of children halfway across the world in Indonesia.

Children’s health and well-being is a passion of James’ at home, and at work. As part of his role at Unilever Food Solutions, he aims to improve the uptake of healthy and nutritious school meals for children. “We linked in with the Unilever Foundation with a key aim of trying to raise the importance of school meals on a global basis,” says James “and I was fortunate enough to go out to Indonesia with the United Nations World Food Programme”.

Working alongside the Unilever Foundation, Unilever Food Solutions and the World Food Programme James helped to raise over 200,000 school meals for Indonesian schoolchildren.

“There was an absolutely incredible attitude by the whole community to strive out of the circle of poverty they were in,” says James “the attitude of wanting to become self-sufficient was awe-inspiring"

However, Unilever didn’t work alone in this initiative, the drive to get nutritious food to Indonesian children was also powered by schools in the UK, who raised thousands of meals themselves through events and programs that get children talking about food hunger.

Not only have the school meals had a huge impact on children in Indonesia, but the programme in UK schools worked to educate children about global hunger and encouraged them to take action. Staff saw the effects of the education campaign first hand: children were throwing away less food and asking for smaller portion sizes.

“Through school meals we can make a really positive difference to the performance and health of children everywhere,” says James.

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