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Climate change

Climate change

is in our hands

We can all make a difference - whether we're running a business or a household. See how changing your habits could change the world.

As greenhouse gases build up in the earth’s atmosphere, our planet is getting warmer. Extreme weather conditions, droughts and rising sea levels, are already affecting the environment and our livelihoods. These aren’t natural hazards; they’re manmade by us through non-renewable energies.

We all contribute to climate change every day, but that doesn’t mean we can’t also act now to limit the impact on wildlife, agriculture and global economies, not to mention human life.

In the last century, average global temperatures increased by about 1 degree Celsius. If we carry on producing greenhouse gases at the same rate, the temperature could rise a further 4 degrees by the end of the century. This would be devastating for our planet and ecosystems, but we can cut the impact through climate action.

Limiting this temperature rise to 2 degrees, instead of 4, would make climate change more manageable, while avoiding some potentially devastating effects. The Climate Summit 2014 saw leaders from all over the world boldly engaging over climate change to determine how individuals, businesses and policy makers can ensure the earth’s temperature doesn’t rise by more than 2 degrees.

See what happened at the Summit here.

Change is possible on any scale. 80% of our energy comes from carbon-based fuels, but the state of Schleswig-Holstein in German is showing the world how renewable energy can be a reality. Its renewable sources like wind turbines are set to generate 100% of the state’s energy. If a whole state can move to renewable energy, we can all work together to achieve so much more for the planet.

Climate change can and will affect more than just people’s lifestyles and wellbeing; it will take lives. But we slow it down and protect our children and great grandchildren.

We can be part of something that future generations will thank us for. If there’s one gift we can give them, let’s make it a better planet.

We can all make a difference - whether we're running a business or a household.

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