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Think before you throw

Think Before You Throw

Does that really need to go in the bin?

Preventing food waste is good for everyone. Good for the environment, good for you, and good for your bank balance. But what about those leftovers that can’t be eaten or stored? There’s no choice but to throw that stuff away, right?

We’ve done a bit of digging around and it turns out that’s not quite true. According to research from WRAP, almost half of the food waste in your rubbish bin at home could have been composted.

Whether you’re a Michelin starred chef or cooking for the first time, when it comes to mealtimes there’ll usually be leftovers. Much of it will be edible and can go towards making other delicious meals. However there are bits that can’t be eaten or drunk which too often only make it to one place. A landfill.

In truth, it’s unnecessary for most of that stuff to go to landfill. The majority of those inedible leftovers – such as the PG Tips tea bags that have just brewed you tea - can be composted. The more that can be composted the better as far as the environment is concerned.

It’s a common misconception that landfills are essentially composting on a mass scale. There are important differences. For instance, by being below ground, oxygen can’t get to the waste and so methane gas is produced, which 26 times worse for the environment than carbon dioxide. Above ground in a compost bin, only carbon dioxide is created.

So with this in mind, our challenge to you is to start composting today. Next time you take the bag from your PG Tips cuppa, have some vegetable peel from cooking a Knorr soup or even a few egg shells from making Flora’s favourite lemon cup cakes, pop it in the compost. If you can compost it, throw it in!

Do you want to start composting? Find out more at www.recyclenow.com/compost

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Love Your Leftovers

Cutting Out Food Waste Is Tastier Than You Think

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For me

Love Your Leftovers

Cutting Out Food Waste Is Tastier Than You Think

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